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I'm a girl with passion for makeup! I am obsessed you can say. But who loves make up and isnt? I looove MAC, Elf, Nars, Make up forever, Stila, and etc... Pretty much anything thats good! I currently reside in NE Wisconsin, in college going for a Human Bio with an emphasis in health sciences. I am also married to a great husband of 4 years and have a beautiful baby girl! I cannot be where I am without him and my family. Any questions just ask! I'm very open!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Requests. I am dry as the weather on what to post...


Not only am I lazyy! I'm out of things to post. well not really, but I have noooo clue what to post. give me ideas loves!

any reviews...?

in the meantime. I have pictures of how bad the weather got in Wisconsin here.. :)
our cars were covered in snow, and our door was almost snowed in(ok not exactly but you get the point)...
the door is actually above the ground so it may look like the snow is not covering much but just look at the bushes...

Idk If you can make out the car in the pic above... its totally covered! except for the side mirrors!

Our Door...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



hey everyone. sorry gone so long..!
but i'm back with just a little bit of an update for you. I've just been working alot and lots of quizes and exams b4 thanksgiving break... but I am SOOOOO nostalgic for Christmas omg! cant wait for it to come!!!! :P

So i've been doing pretty well and havent done much online lately other than checking my myspace and facebook... and once in a while my youtube. (ok more like alot of times in a while) But I truly miss you guys. I feel like i totally lost a part of me and perhaps its time for me to move on... butt...

NO, i will not
haha. cant leave this part of me behind.. just yet.

but more videos coming hopefully during thanksgiving break.. :)

oh and one more thing before i go, i wanted to thank YING for her amazing giveaway..
I received her package a looong time ago but never posted about it. So just wanted to
let her know i got it. <3 you girl...

tk gals, anything just ask in the comments. and
stay current with my youtube vids.. (youtube.com/ceebabyyx)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long time no blog!

Today is our 3 year anniversary.. sooo just went out to eat and he let me buy some makeup ahaha.. and i let him buy w/e he wanted as long as it was under $100.. So.... yea. My apt is great. Couldnt be better.. But im barely ever home, which makes me sad. I've been thinking about the xmas theme and the feeling of xmas and I feel sad. Idk why.. But the feeling of family and holiday music... i guess i just miss working at boston store.. i would kill to work there again.. (well not really) but i'd have to say that was myy besssttt job ever. I miss the christmas joy, and warmth that i felt when i worked there. everything..... sorry getting off topic.... but


I am sooo sorry. i know its been foreverness since i've been on here. just so much going on, so much to worry about. There's something that i worry about but i just cant pick out what it is.. and that is totally bothering me. I need the new year to come quick so I can feel relieved and refreshed again.. new classes, new year, income taxes.. more money..

sorry for this short little blurb but i feel i have to put something out there just to
make sure you guys are in tact w/me.. aha that sounds funny but you get
what i mean right? I miss you guys. I got a new job now. The best pay I
ever got so... wish me luck w/the job. I hope I can advance fast!

Love you all..
its weird, i miss you guys.. ahah


Monday, September 14, 2009

Finished Moving... :) NO hauling for a whilee....... (I HOPE)

Well I am all moved in, I just need to get everything unpacked and put away. Hopefully I will then do a room tour. (that is when my room is all neat and clean/decorated out.. aha)

I haven't been hauling makeup too much. Been hauling a lot home-y stuff. It was so exciting grovery shopping yesterday... *sigh* the joy of living on my own. I can already feel it..

Oh, I do have to say something creepy happened this morning..
So i got all ready cooked some sausage and eggs this morning while the hubby slept.. He probably woke up at 7:25 and went to wash his face and everything.. At this time I was already beginning to eat. (I was in my room of course waiting for him to get ready). As I was heading out to my car, my friend texts me, "I know you are a hard worker." At this pt, I was like WTF? I mean I am but she wouldnt randomly text me things like that(aha. j/k). So i told her that it must have been someone from my inlaws home cause i left my phone out the day before when we were still going back and forth btwn the two houses. And she replies saying that she got the text like 10 minutes ago.. Sure enough I check and a message was sent out at 7:33am. I was freeeaaked out.

"Someone" had texted "I am a hardw0rker, and I like 2 w0rk," from my phone?!

It even uses the 0's(zeroes) instead of the o's just like how I text. It could not have been me?!! I asked my hubby but i swear he was in the bathroom washing his face, brushing his teeth. I SWEAR?! The weird thing is that my phone was next to me at 7:33?! I was eating on my bed?! SO i am a little freaked out.. But I dont want to think anything of it.. Damn that is some scary stuff. I really hope my hubby did it... somehow some wayy.............................................

well i gotta get to class. Just dropping by to update you. oh and I have WIFI @ my new apt!
I was soo worried that i was gonna have to go w/o internet. aha..

I will update you guys later<3

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girly-Tomboy's 2nd Giveaway

Here is my entry for Girly-Tomboy's Giveaway..
please check her out! She's an awesome person and
her blog is great! A very good read!


We were supposed to finish the phrase:
You know you are a makeup junkie/addict when...

-you have more storage for your makeup than your clothes!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Haulage*/Update

I've been trying to not haul so much this month because i wanna save up for the apartment fees and such but i couldnt help it when i saw these good deals! and some stuff i've been eyeing for while now. I've been pretty disciplined soooo i think i deserve it, right?!
So i've been hunting down some really good lipsticks to help grow my lipstick collection.. and i found some pretty good deals!

HIP cream blush in enamoured? 896($1 @ dollartree)
Covergirl trushine in petalshine ($3.49 50% off! @ CVS)
Maybelline (forgot the line name) totally toffee 215 ($5.49 @ target)
Almay Lipstick in Red 255 ($1 @ dollar tree)

Top: Almay Lipstick in Red 255
Middle: Covergirl trushine in petalshine
Bottom: Maybelline (forgot the line name) totally toffee 215
side: hip cream blush in enamoured? 896

^Mac's creme d'nude (FINALLY GOT MY BABY AGAIN!)

^Mac's Sushi Flower, Been eying this for a while..

top: creme d'nude l/s
bottom: sushi flower e/s

Cute party dress @ Target $24.99

^Charlotte Russe top: $3.99

Forever 21 Hoops $1.50 each =$3

^Vanity Top: $7.99

This dress was only $3.99!!! Had to get this since i've been wanting one..

TOTAL=$79.50 for the month.... doing better but gotta get it down to $50!


So we got approved for our apartment! yay! its a great feeling! but its going to be sad since my hubby and i are used to having a lot of ppl around the house.. *sigh* but its ok. Its about time we move on and grow up and just quit relying on his father.... So, we havent set up a date for signing the lease yet, but they should be giving us a call soon to get that all set up.

it's funny cause i'm pretty sure we have better credit than our fatherinlaw.. he was our cosigner and turns out they denied him... but we still got approved! We didn't even need a cosigner after all. and With us only being 19 we thought we would need one... So that's good news cause for a few days we were worried about who we would have cosign our lease. My mom is a stay at home mom so she cant because she doesnt have income and my dad probably would not come an hour north just to sign our lease. So PHEW! glad thats over with. So we paid $10 for the credit check for no reason.. darn. (well now he knows his credit. eeks.)

Hun and I have been thinking about what we color theme we should have for our decor, and we came up with black and gold.. But who knows, its probably not going to go as planned since we've already looked at stuff and gold is a hard color to find. We were planning the whole bathroom towels, kitchen utensils kind of shenanigans but.. We'll see. I'll update you on that one..

Give me some ideas! <3choua

Saturday, August 29, 2009

random blog/update!

I've been soo busy and just have not updated on here..
ugghhhhhhhhhh..! i feel like im lagging on something
just because i havent done a post in a while.. *sigh*

sorry. i hope to post something up within this next week!
its the first week of school and i shouldnt be getting much

i'm so lost about what i am supposed to do tomorrow!
i am supposed to go to an orientation at school for
my job there but, THEY HAVENT TOLD ME WHERE TO GO!!
wtf!? so tomorrow i will have to go early and ask my way
to the orientation... wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

but otherwise, im doing good. i have some vids up on youtube so
if you guys wanna check that out..
umm any other questions please let me know.
i know what a dumb update.... gah..
get at me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prettyandcute.com (CIRCLE LENSES)

SO everyone knows that them circle lenses are getting verryyyy POPULAR!!
I have found a site that sells them at a reasonable price. (If anyone finds a better one please do tell!) But I'd like you to do me a favor and add them on myspace!

When you add them, in the message please say that I sent you. It would be greatly appreciated.. I really want a free lens.. So please help me get one!

plus, they have free shipping or you instead you can choose to have a hello kitty (or other cute themes) contact lens case!

They're myspace is:


please add them and say" CHOUA THAO SENT ME"

thank you!
let me know if you do this.
thanks soo muchh again!


So my hubby just bought a new car yesterday. Honda civic lx 98. Yep. I know. Its not all that but its something. He thinks its the shi-i-i-i-i-i-t. Well not really but he reallllyyy reallyyy likes it. For having a cavalier as our first car, he thinks the civic is like a louis vuitton to a walmart purse. *sigh*

anddddddddddd, we are looking for a new apartment. We think we found one we liked. $440 and everything is included! i couldn't believe it either. And its not that crap-of-a-place. It's very pretty. but small... which is good cause then its cozy. Right? But we still have to turn in the applications. So wish us luck!

andddd, SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START! The hubby already started school today. This summer was a good summer ya'll. I am gonna be working 2 jobs, and i have a friggn 5 credit class!! (anatomy and physiology) 12 credits total only but i feel like im gonna have to work suuuppperrrr hard this semester. I'm excited for school though. There's something about walking in the hall of the university that is calming or something to that affect.

I hope everything turns out. I hope. :D
g'nite mates. <3you all.

Recent YT Collab with Great Hmong Comedian, CEECEEARIA!!!

Yes, I am a hater monkey in this video. :D
but hey ceecee, me lahh you looongtime!!

She is good at what she does. Please check her out and subscribe her!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

200 Subscribers.. I looove you guys!

So it took a month for me to double my subscribers!!
thats really good! Thank you guys sooo much. I love all my subbers and I really really appreciate you all.. *sigh*

This is the one of the best things to happen to me in a loong time. Although this summer was a good summer, I was secretly depressed. And I am usually really good at acting like nothing is wrong.. really I am. So you guys and youtube was like my goto therapy sort-of.... So again, Thank you guys soo much.. and I hope you guys will continue to support me.

Im not great or pretty. Im not the best at makeup but I will try and tell you guys about me and my makeup journey.. aha, its like we're all losing weight and we're trying to coach eachother..

I love you guys too death. Thanks for being my happiness this summer..

Friday, August 7, 2009

LOTD: Neutral Browns/ Mark Representative!!

This was actually a request by my friend Mak3uplov3r.. So thanks to her. Here is what i used:

Clinique Touch tint for Eyes: Nude Sparkle (Discontinued)

Vanilla E/s (highlight/lid)
Satin Taupe E/s (Upper Crease)
Swiss Chocolate E/s (crease)

Rimmel Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black

Mark Make it Big Mascara Git it HERE>>>( http://cthao.mymarkstore.com )

Mac Harmony Blush (contour)
Mac Eversun Blush
Mac Shy Girl L/s
Mac Lip 65 L/g


Oh yea. and I forgot to mention that I am now a MARK rep. If you don't already know, Mark is a , lets say, daughter brand of Avon.. plus, they are much "hipper" (if thats a word) and supposedly "cooler"..

As for what I think of it? I think the product is reasonable for the prices. It's not too expensive. Plus, the eyeshadows and blushes are very pigmented.. Also, mark does sell clothing, jewelry, and skin care/bath and body products. SO you should def check them out!


Please support me and if you dont want to buy anything, please sign up with the site and give your email address. :D It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Oh yea, and my favorite product from mark is their mascara! OMGGGGG! I have to say that it has the biggest brush I have everrrrrrr seeen! And it is soo good on my lashes, makes them thick and plump! Ohhhweee, just the way i liike it! aha.

L:Mark mascara , R:Cover Girl Lash Blast
Look at the size of the wand compared to the Lash Blast! and i thought that wand was big!!!

The pallete.. A blush and 2 eyeshadows.. Very cute, something i would use for everyday! Similar to satin taupe!

The lipstick... Very cute color! Not as red as it looks on camera

here is the brush set it came with..

The case everything came in! so adorable! I will def be using this to travel!

The lipgloss that came with the kit.. in Fig. Great neutral color!

It's called "flip for it" color kit. Lipglosses/Lipsticks and Eyeshadow/Blush on the go!
Great for traveling! Such a good idea!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gosh, i've just been sooo lazyyyyyy. So i got a job working at school. Im super excited about that. And i just got back from Madison soo..... I bought quite a bit of stuff so i feel overwhelmed. You know that feeling when you have to put all the new stuff you just bought away... GOSH! thats the part i hate the most.. *sigh* well sorry i havent been putting pictures up on this blog. Idk what I am doing with my time.. seriously!

but here are links to my vids.. if you havent already seen them..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Contest And haulage...

So hun , his bro, his wife, and I decided to go fishing. And we couldnt catch anything! People were catching lil white bass' left and right and we were like wtf!? So hun made a bet with me that whoever could fish the first fish would get an Ipod touch.... and guess who won that baby?!!!! MOI!!!!!!!! Who knew I'd get so lucky? ahha. So yesterday we went and bought me an ipod touch. and so the first thing i did this morning was download all the apps that were free! aha. well not all but A LOT! If you dont have one and are considering, GET IT! It's the shizzle in my nizzle! Forizzle!!! ahah.. yea.. I love it. But it really makes me want the iphone now.. cause idk.. but i guessssssss i dont need it. i do already have a phone and an Ipod. Gosh people these days, they just think up of the greatest ideas! ahah..

But anywho, lets get to the contest.. :D


-18+ or parents' permission EMAIL
-Must be a video Response
-Must be a new video
-Must be a video or picture slideshow of at LEAST A BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END
-End date is 1 month from today or whenever entries stop for a period of time

I feel so stupid that my vid lighting is soo bad but I do not wanna take the contest prizes out and redo the whole things cause I feel everyone has waited long enough. I just wanted to get it out there! *sigh* me and my laziness. ahah. oh well. sorry guys. but it'll do for now.

And a Haul of course + more prizes!

Sigh, idk why but I have just been so lazy and feeling soo "BLAHH" these past couple of days.

Friday, July 24, 2009

haul! :D

I will be posting up the pictures soon..
aha.. come back in a bit!

Monday, July 20, 2009

so i'm mad at myself for not doing my contest video.. arrghh. just not motivated enough. besides the stupid internet has been doing weird things lately so I am not able to upload my videos lately.... *sigh*

Stay tuned for my contest ladies.. im soo sorry!! ahhhh.
but i did decide to put a MAC item in my contest prizes.
I can't tell yet! eheh.

Friday, July 17, 2009

contest theme....

HELP!!!! :/
what theme should I do for my contest?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

100 subbies on youtube!!

So I am so excited that I reached 100 subscribers on youtube today!!! I couldn't have done this without my subscribers and Xbeautyqueen@youtube!!!!! Thank you so much girl! So she basically told her subscribers to come sub me and some of them did! Wow, i cant elieve i got 100 subbies overnight.. what a great day this is! ok ok, maybe im over reacting but anyways... phew! so i guess i will announce my contest within the next few days.. omg! that means i have to get my prizes..

So basically I just wanted to thank all my subbies and especially Xbeautyqueen for helping out with this.. and my youtube friends! :D

But go and watch Xbeautyqueen! She has awesome videos on her channel! :D

have a good one you guys.. :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Soo.. I'm finally home from six flags... and I am soo MAD!!! ahhh! I didnt get to go to the CCO because I was stuck with all guys and of COURSE, they didnt want to go... *sigh*

Soooo, I have decided that I will go with girls instead..someday.. hopefully soon...

But otherwise, my trip was pretty good. Six flags was awesome I guess. Except that I was kind of a chicken and didn't go on the Raging Bull which some ppl said was the best one! So idk. But I did go on the:

-Wolf (something)
-American Eagle Rollercoaster
-(Something) Drop

Omgosh, lemme tell you! The drop one, I think I didn't breathe AT ALL! It was over fast but dang I will probably never go on there again.. EVER! As it reached the top I was kinda panicing. holy cow....................... and

The superman was pretty cool. Something I actually enjoyed.
The wolf something was really stupid. You stood up and so every time you went around a corner or upside down your head was jerked and pounded against the restraints.. suckss arse. Don't recomment it for guys either.. aha
American eagle was cool but the only thing is that it feels as if the thing was gonna break any second... eeks! it creaked so much and kinda stuttered along.... so scary!

Wow I cant believe I only went on 4 rides! are you serious?! ahhh. I just realized that.. but I did go the Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark so I guess its alright. One day there is just not enough! aha. Oh yea and we did play alot of games. Hun was really good and won a lot of times at the strength test.. ahah. You could only win 2 prizes per day but the person there switched out so we went back.. aha. SHHH! so we got a big huhe Tweety Bird and a big bouncy ball( which really is just a yoga ball with a fabric covering)...

The second day was Chinatown. I guess it was alright. It had a lot of cheap items... well mostly reasonably priced. Didnt get much just an abacus(cause i've been wanting one since forever, I know I'm such a nerd!), a back scratcher, and beads that grow in water?! idk.. but its meant for those small bamboo trees..

and the third day we spent at Gurnee Mills Mall. Got some cute stuff there. They had a lot of outlet stores so I got stuff for cheap. We only spent 2 hours there so I only got something from a&f outlet and Hollister outlet... some bath and body items and some jewelry/accesories from a boutique..




Both of these for $3

( It was a good deal compared to others that were selling mini keychains for $7!)

But anyways. That's my haul for the weekend. Didn't get anything makeup related! oh wait. I did get packages in the mail while I was gone! My elf and Best bath store stuff came in. I'll post those up once I stop being lazy.. I'm on 4 hours of sleep today, fri night 5 hours, and thurs night 1 hour!

so yea. very tired.. will prob do a make up collection vid and then head to bed! Nite ya'lls!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

LOTD: Everyday Look w/peek of purple

Mac's Carbon on outer edge(stay close to eyelid)
Parfait Amour on outer bottom lash line
White cream eyeliner on bottom inner crease
Hip cream eyeliner on top and bottom lashline(smudged out)

Yay! I'm excited. 6 Flags tomorrow! Pretty excited cause about every time(well EVERY time) we plan to go something comes up! even with school! I moved both times I had a chance to go! Yep! Believe it or not! I have never been on a rollercoaster.. not too scared though.. which is awkward... cuz I'm always a scaredy cat! aha.. But I'm prob gonna pull an all nighter. There is noo wayy I can sleep tonight.. besides, it would only be 5 hours. so why not stay up?! Now what to do is the question... *sigh*

So this whole weekend I won't be updating much.. but come back and check on Sunday night or Monday morning! I will be heading to my first CCO! so excited. The one near Gurnee, Il. I think its in Wisconsin though. Wish me luck! I hope to find a LOT of cool things there!! I would be wayyy to disappointed! So that's my schpiel for today! G'nite y'all! Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Makeupjunkee's giveaway!

She's having an awesome giveaway girls.. don't miss out! :D


My night out look: Smoky Gorgeous Golden

What I Used:

FACE: Elf's Cover stick, Clinique's Transparent Blended Face powder in 04, Mac's Harmony blush for contouring, Mac's Eversun for apples of my cheeks

EYES: Mac's Gorgeous Gold e/s inner half of crease, Mac's Goldmine e/s middle of eyelid, Mac's Carbon e/s outer crease, Mac's Vanilla on brow bone for highlight, Elf's brightening eyeliner in Black for drawing the v-shape on my outer crease, dollar store(carlo di roma) white creamy liner bottom inner lash line, dollar store waterproof eyeliner (carlo di roma) on my water line.

LIPS: Red Earth Lipstick in Innocense

Video Version...


Give me some requests! :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yay.. so I decided to make a blog.. :D
Update later. Taking the hubby to work so I can go shopping!!!!