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I'm a girl with passion for makeup! I am obsessed you can say. But who loves make up and isnt? I looove MAC, Elf, Nars, Make up forever, Stila, and etc... Pretty much anything thats good! I currently reside in NE Wisconsin, in college going for a Human Bio with an emphasis in health sciences. I am also married to a great husband of 4 years and have a beautiful baby girl! I cannot be where I am without him and my family. Any questions just ask! I'm very open!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long time no blog!

Today is our 3 year anniversary.. sooo just went out to eat and he let me buy some makeup ahaha.. and i let him buy w/e he wanted as long as it was under $100.. So.... yea. My apt is great. Couldnt be better.. But im barely ever home, which makes me sad. I've been thinking about the xmas theme and the feeling of xmas and I feel sad. Idk why.. But the feeling of family and holiday music... i guess i just miss working at boston store.. i would kill to work there again.. (well not really) but i'd have to say that was myy besssttt job ever. I miss the christmas joy, and warmth that i felt when i worked there. everything..... sorry getting off topic.... but


I am sooo sorry. i know its been foreverness since i've been on here. just so much going on, so much to worry about. There's something that i worry about but i just cant pick out what it is.. and that is totally bothering me. I need the new year to come quick so I can feel relieved and refreshed again.. new classes, new year, income taxes.. more money..

sorry for this short little blurb but i feel i have to put something out there just to
make sure you guys are in tact w/me.. aha that sounds funny but you get
what i mean right? I miss you guys. I got a new job now. The best pay I
ever got so... wish me luck w/the job. I hope I can advance fast!

Love you all..
its weird, i miss you guys.. ahah