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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Contest And haulage...

So hun , his bro, his wife, and I decided to go fishing. And we couldnt catch anything! People were catching lil white bass' left and right and we were like wtf!? So hun made a bet with me that whoever could fish the first fish would get an Ipod touch.... and guess who won that baby?!!!! MOI!!!!!!!! Who knew I'd get so lucky? ahha. So yesterday we went and bought me an ipod touch. and so the first thing i did this morning was download all the apps that were free! aha. well not all but A LOT! If you dont have one and are considering, GET IT! It's the shizzle in my nizzle! Forizzle!!! ahah.. yea.. I love it. But it really makes me want the iphone now.. cause idk.. but i guessssssss i dont need it. i do already have a phone and an Ipod. Gosh people these days, they just think up of the greatest ideas! ahah..

But anywho, lets get to the contest.. :D


-18+ or parents' permission EMAIL
-Must be a video Response
-Must be a new video
-Must be a video or picture slideshow of at LEAST A BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END
-End date is 1 month from today or whenever entries stop for a period of time

I feel so stupid that my vid lighting is soo bad but I do not wanna take the contest prizes out and redo the whole things cause I feel everyone has waited long enough. I just wanted to get it out there! *sigh* me and my laziness. ahah. oh well. sorry guys. but it'll do for now.

And a Haul of course + more prizes!

Sigh, idk why but I have just been so lazy and feeling soo "BLAHH" these past couple of days.


  1. i just got a ipod touch a month ago. and i love it! it is so fricken awesome. and it makes me want to get an iphone too. i'm looking into it already. haha can't wait til my contract with sprint is over! and i watched bot videos, just didn't comment them. i wish i was more creative so i can join fun contests.

  2. hello. great blog..although i wish i can enter your contest.:( sad to say..i don't like making videos. but anyways...i'm your new follower!