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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Requests. I am dry as the weather on what to post...


Not only am I lazyy! I'm out of things to post. well not really, but I have noooo clue what to post. give me ideas loves!

any reviews...?

in the meantime. I have pictures of how bad the weather got in Wisconsin here.. :)
our cars were covered in snow, and our door was almost snowed in(ok not exactly but you get the point)...
the door is actually above the ground so it may look like the snow is not covering much but just look at the bushes...

Idk If you can make out the car in the pic above... its totally covered! except for the side mirrors!

Our Door...

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  1. i hate the snow storms... hate the traffic that comes with it too. lol mn weather sucks just as bad as wis weather.