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I'm a girl with passion for makeup! I am obsessed you can say. But who loves make up and isnt? I looove MAC, Elf, Nars, Make up forever, Stila, and etc... Pretty much anything thats good! I currently reside in NE Wisconsin, in college going for a Human Bio with an emphasis in health sciences. I am also married to a great husband of 4 years and have a beautiful baby girl! I cannot be where I am without him and my family. Any questions just ask! I'm very open!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



hey everyone. sorry gone so long..!
but i'm back with just a little bit of an update for you. I've just been working alot and lots of quizes and exams b4 thanksgiving break... but I am SOOOOO nostalgic for Christmas omg! cant wait for it to come!!!! :P

So i've been doing pretty well and havent done much online lately other than checking my myspace and facebook... and once in a while my youtube. (ok more like alot of times in a while) But I truly miss you guys. I feel like i totally lost a part of me and perhaps its time for me to move on... butt...

NO, i will not
haha. cant leave this part of me behind.. just yet.

but more videos coming hopefully during thanksgiving break.. :)

oh and one more thing before i go, i wanted to thank YING for her amazing giveaway..
I received her package a looong time ago but never posted about it. So just wanted to
let her know i got it. <3 you girl...

tk gals, anything just ask in the comments. and
stay current with my youtube vids.. (youtube.com/ceebabyyx)