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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Soo.. I'm finally home from six flags... and I am soo MAD!!! ahhh! I didnt get to go to the CCO because I was stuck with all guys and of COURSE, they didnt want to go... *sigh*

Soooo, I have decided that I will go with girls instead..someday.. hopefully soon...

But otherwise, my trip was pretty good. Six flags was awesome I guess. Except that I was kind of a chicken and didn't go on the Raging Bull which some ppl said was the best one! So idk. But I did go on the:

-Wolf (something)
-American Eagle Rollercoaster
-(Something) Drop

Omgosh, lemme tell you! The drop one, I think I didn't breathe AT ALL! It was over fast but dang I will probably never go on there again.. EVER! As it reached the top I was kinda panicing. holy cow....................... and

The superman was pretty cool. Something I actually enjoyed.
The wolf something was really stupid. You stood up and so every time you went around a corner or upside down your head was jerked and pounded against the restraints.. suckss arse. Don't recomment it for guys either.. aha
American eagle was cool but the only thing is that it feels as if the thing was gonna break any second... eeks! it creaked so much and kinda stuttered along.... so scary!

Wow I cant believe I only went on 4 rides! are you serious?! ahhh. I just realized that.. but I did go the Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark so I guess its alright. One day there is just not enough! aha. Oh yea and we did play alot of games. Hun was really good and won a lot of times at the strength test.. ahah. You could only win 2 prizes per day but the person there switched out so we went back.. aha. SHHH! so we got a big huhe Tweety Bird and a big bouncy ball( which really is just a yoga ball with a fabric covering)...

The second day was Chinatown. I guess it was alright. It had a lot of cheap items... well mostly reasonably priced. Didnt get much just an abacus(cause i've been wanting one since forever, I know I'm such a nerd!), a back scratcher, and beads that grow in water?! idk.. but its meant for those small bamboo trees..

and the third day we spent at Gurnee Mills Mall. Got some cute stuff there. They had a lot of outlet stores so I got stuff for cheap. We only spent 2 hours there so I only got something from a&f outlet and Hollister outlet... some bath and body items and some jewelry/accesories from a boutique..




Both of these for $3

( It was a good deal compared to others that were selling mini keychains for $7!)

But anyways. That's my haul for the weekend. Didn't get anything makeup related! oh wait. I did get packages in the mail while I was gone! My elf and Best bath store stuff came in. I'll post those up once I stop being lazy.. I'm on 4 hours of sleep today, fri night 5 hours, and thurs night 1 hour!

so yea. very tired.. will prob do a make up collection vid and then head to bed! Nite ya'lls!


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  1. aww, suck that you didn't get to go to the CCO. you know honestly, everyone makes the CCO sound all big and grand, but when i went to my local CCO it wasn't all that. i was so excited, went there and was like blah. haha