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I'm a girl with passion for makeup! I am obsessed you can say. But who loves make up and isnt? I looove MAC, Elf, Nars, Make up forever, Stila, and etc... Pretty much anything thats good! I currently reside in NE Wisconsin, in college going for a Human Bio with an emphasis in health sciences. I am also married to a great husband of 4 years and have a beautiful baby girl! I cannot be where I am without him and my family. Any questions just ask! I'm very open!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finished Moving... :) NO hauling for a whilee....... (I HOPE)

Well I am all moved in, I just need to get everything unpacked and put away. Hopefully I will then do a room tour. (that is when my room is all neat and clean/decorated out.. aha)

I haven't been hauling makeup too much. Been hauling a lot home-y stuff. It was so exciting grovery shopping yesterday... *sigh* the joy of living on my own. I can already feel it..

Oh, I do have to say something creepy happened this morning..
So i got all ready cooked some sausage and eggs this morning while the hubby slept.. He probably woke up at 7:25 and went to wash his face and everything.. At this time I was already beginning to eat. (I was in my room of course waiting for him to get ready). As I was heading out to my car, my friend texts me, "I know you are a hard worker." At this pt, I was like WTF? I mean I am but she wouldnt randomly text me things like that(aha. j/k). So i told her that it must have been someone from my inlaws home cause i left my phone out the day before when we were still going back and forth btwn the two houses. And she replies saying that she got the text like 10 minutes ago.. Sure enough I check and a message was sent out at 7:33am. I was freeeaaked out.

"Someone" had texted "I am a hardw0rker, and I like 2 w0rk," from my phone?!

It even uses the 0's(zeroes) instead of the o's just like how I text. It could not have been me?!! I asked my hubby but i swear he was in the bathroom washing his face, brushing his teeth. I SWEAR?! The weird thing is that my phone was next to me at 7:33?! I was eating on my bed?! SO i am a little freaked out.. But I dont want to think anything of it.. Damn that is some scary stuff. I really hope my hubby did it... somehow some wayy.............................................

well i gotta get to class. Just dropping by to update you. oh and I have WIFI @ my new apt!
I was soo worried that i was gonna have to go w/o internet. aha..

I will update you guys later<3

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girly-Tomboy's 2nd Giveaway

Here is my entry for Girly-Tomboy's Giveaway..
please check her out! She's an awesome person and
her blog is great! A very good read!


We were supposed to finish the phrase:
You know you are a makeup junkie/addict when...

-you have more storage for your makeup than your clothes!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Haulage*/Update

I've been trying to not haul so much this month because i wanna save up for the apartment fees and such but i couldnt help it when i saw these good deals! and some stuff i've been eyeing for while now. I've been pretty disciplined soooo i think i deserve it, right?!
So i've been hunting down some really good lipsticks to help grow my lipstick collection.. and i found some pretty good deals!

HIP cream blush in enamoured? 896($1 @ dollartree)
Covergirl trushine in petalshine ($3.49 50% off! @ CVS)
Maybelline (forgot the line name) totally toffee 215 ($5.49 @ target)
Almay Lipstick in Red 255 ($1 @ dollar tree)

Top: Almay Lipstick in Red 255
Middle: Covergirl trushine in petalshine
Bottom: Maybelline (forgot the line name) totally toffee 215
side: hip cream blush in enamoured? 896

^Mac's creme d'nude (FINALLY GOT MY BABY AGAIN!)

^Mac's Sushi Flower, Been eying this for a while..

top: creme d'nude l/s
bottom: sushi flower e/s

Cute party dress @ Target $24.99

^Charlotte Russe top: $3.99

Forever 21 Hoops $1.50 each =$3

^Vanity Top: $7.99

This dress was only $3.99!!! Had to get this since i've been wanting one..

TOTAL=$79.50 for the month.... doing better but gotta get it down to $50!


So we got approved for our apartment! yay! its a great feeling! but its going to be sad since my hubby and i are used to having a lot of ppl around the house.. *sigh* but its ok. Its about time we move on and grow up and just quit relying on his father.... So, we havent set up a date for signing the lease yet, but they should be giving us a call soon to get that all set up.

it's funny cause i'm pretty sure we have better credit than our fatherinlaw.. he was our cosigner and turns out they denied him... but we still got approved! We didn't even need a cosigner after all. and With us only being 19 we thought we would need one... So that's good news cause for a few days we were worried about who we would have cosign our lease. My mom is a stay at home mom so she cant because she doesnt have income and my dad probably would not come an hour north just to sign our lease. So PHEW! glad thats over with. So we paid $10 for the credit check for no reason.. darn. (well now he knows his credit. eeks.)

Hun and I have been thinking about what we color theme we should have for our decor, and we came up with black and gold.. But who knows, its probably not going to go as planned since we've already looked at stuff and gold is a hard color to find. We were planning the whole bathroom towels, kitchen utensils kind of shenanigans but.. We'll see. I'll update you on that one..

Give me some ideas! <3choua