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I'm a girl with passion for makeup! I am obsessed you can say. But who loves make up and isnt? I looove MAC, Elf, Nars, Make up forever, Stila, and etc... Pretty much anything thats good! I currently reside in NE Wisconsin, in college going for a Human Bio with an emphasis in health sciences. I am also married to a great husband of 4 years and have a beautiful baby girl! I cannot be where I am without him and my family. Any questions just ask! I'm very open!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

random blog/update!

I've been soo busy and just have not updated on here..
ugghhhhhhhhhh..! i feel like im lagging on something
just because i havent done a post in a while.. *sigh*

sorry. i hope to post something up within this next week!
its the first week of school and i shouldnt be getting much

i'm so lost about what i am supposed to do tomorrow!
i am supposed to go to an orientation at school for
my job there but, THEY HAVENT TOLD ME WHERE TO GO!!
wtf!? so tomorrow i will have to go early and ask my way
to the orientation... wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

but otherwise, im doing good. i have some vids up on youtube so
if you guys wanna check that out..
umm any other questions please let me know.
i know what a dumb update.... gah..
get at me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prettyandcute.com (CIRCLE LENSES)

SO everyone knows that them circle lenses are getting verryyyy POPULAR!!
I have found a site that sells them at a reasonable price. (If anyone finds a better one please do tell!) But I'd like you to do me a favor and add them on myspace!

When you add them, in the message please say that I sent you. It would be greatly appreciated.. I really want a free lens.. So please help me get one!

plus, they have free shipping or you instead you can choose to have a hello kitty (or other cute themes) contact lens case!

They're myspace is:


please add them and say" CHOUA THAO SENT ME"

thank you!
let me know if you do this.
thanks soo muchh again!


So my hubby just bought a new car yesterday. Honda civic lx 98. Yep. I know. Its not all that but its something. He thinks its the shi-i-i-i-i-i-t. Well not really but he reallllyyy reallyyy likes it. For having a cavalier as our first car, he thinks the civic is like a louis vuitton to a walmart purse. *sigh*

anddddddddddd, we are looking for a new apartment. We think we found one we liked. $440 and everything is included! i couldn't believe it either. And its not that crap-of-a-place. It's very pretty. but small... which is good cause then its cozy. Right? But we still have to turn in the applications. So wish us luck!

andddd, SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START! The hubby already started school today. This summer was a good summer ya'll. I am gonna be working 2 jobs, and i have a friggn 5 credit class!! (anatomy and physiology) 12 credits total only but i feel like im gonna have to work suuuppperrrr hard this semester. I'm excited for school though. There's something about walking in the hall of the university that is calming or something to that affect.

I hope everything turns out. I hope. :D
g'nite mates. <3you all.

Recent YT Collab with Great Hmong Comedian, CEECEEARIA!!!

Yes, I am a hater monkey in this video. :D
but hey ceecee, me lahh you looongtime!!

She is good at what she does. Please check her out and subscribe her!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

200 Subscribers.. I looove you guys!

So it took a month for me to double my subscribers!!
thats really good! Thank you guys sooo much. I love all my subbers and I really really appreciate you all.. *sigh*

This is the one of the best things to happen to me in a loong time. Although this summer was a good summer, I was secretly depressed. And I am usually really good at acting like nothing is wrong.. really I am. So you guys and youtube was like my goto therapy sort-of.... So again, Thank you guys soo much.. and I hope you guys will continue to support me.

Im not great or pretty. Im not the best at makeup but I will try and tell you guys about me and my makeup journey.. aha, its like we're all losing weight and we're trying to coach eachother..

I love you guys too death. Thanks for being my happiness this summer..

Friday, August 7, 2009

LOTD: Neutral Browns/ Mark Representative!!

This was actually a request by my friend Mak3uplov3r.. So thanks to her. Here is what i used:

Clinique Touch tint for Eyes: Nude Sparkle (Discontinued)

Vanilla E/s (highlight/lid)
Satin Taupe E/s (Upper Crease)
Swiss Chocolate E/s (crease)

Rimmel Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black

Mark Make it Big Mascara Git it HERE>>>( http://cthao.mymarkstore.com )

Mac Harmony Blush (contour)
Mac Eversun Blush
Mac Shy Girl L/s
Mac Lip 65 L/g


Oh yea. and I forgot to mention that I am now a MARK rep. If you don't already know, Mark is a , lets say, daughter brand of Avon.. plus, they are much "hipper" (if thats a word) and supposedly "cooler"..

As for what I think of it? I think the product is reasonable for the prices. It's not too expensive. Plus, the eyeshadows and blushes are very pigmented.. Also, mark does sell clothing, jewelry, and skin care/bath and body products. SO you should def check them out!


Please support me and if you dont want to buy anything, please sign up with the site and give your email address. :D It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Oh yea, and my favorite product from mark is their mascara! OMGGGGG! I have to say that it has the biggest brush I have everrrrrrr seeen! And it is soo good on my lashes, makes them thick and plump! Ohhhweee, just the way i liike it! aha.

L:Mark mascara , R:Cover Girl Lash Blast
Look at the size of the wand compared to the Lash Blast! and i thought that wand was big!!!

The pallete.. A blush and 2 eyeshadows.. Very cute, something i would use for everyday! Similar to satin taupe!

The lipstick... Very cute color! Not as red as it looks on camera

here is the brush set it came with..

The case everything came in! so adorable! I will def be using this to travel!

The lipgloss that came with the kit.. in Fig. Great neutral color!

It's called "flip for it" color kit. Lipglosses/Lipsticks and Eyeshadow/Blush on the go!
Great for traveling! Such a good idea!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gosh, i've just been sooo lazyyyyyy. So i got a job working at school. Im super excited about that. And i just got back from Madison soo..... I bought quite a bit of stuff so i feel overwhelmed. You know that feeling when you have to put all the new stuff you just bought away... GOSH! thats the part i hate the most.. *sigh* well sorry i havent been putting pictures up on this blog. Idk what I am doing with my time.. seriously!

but here are links to my vids.. if you havent already seen them..